David has been trained by many of Chicago's Improv Legends; Michael Gellman, Susan Messing, Tim O'Malley, Matt Elwell, David Razowsky, Joe KeefeJane Morris, Jeff Michalski, Rick Hall & David Sinker.


He has shared the stage with the likes of Todd Bridges, Elayne Boosler, Rick Overton, Marc DeCarlo, Brian Scolaro, & Michael Ian Black, just to name a few.


You can currently see him performing standup, improv and more all over the country




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Windy City Rejects (Web-series) - Producer






It was in 1997 when David Vox Mullen decided to venture out and piece together an idea he had for a pop rock group called "The Slipstream".


After a year of failing attempts to find musicians to work with, he had just about given up until  November 7th 1998 he received an email from D.Jay Hattula (an accomplished drummer) to see if he would be interested in forming a band. The two met that very night and thus forged what would be known today as the very foundation of "The Slipstream".


Today, The Slipstream have recorded multiple albums, toured the U.S. and have performed for some of America's biggest rock venues, festivals and even appeared on the Jenny Jones show. The Slipstream was named the most popular band in Chicago by Q101 (WKQX) a popular alternative rock station and have just released their 4th album "Slipthology" a collection of remastered works (including some previously unreleased recordings).


David Vox Mullen releases his debut solo EP "Until I Met You" on July 4 2017.




In 2009 David Vox Mullen created the DVM Production Empire. A podcast network that started as a few TV show fan casts and has since grown into a 3 Million listener pop culture phenom!


The DVM Production Empire has worked directly with ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & CW to ensure the best in fan based content which include exclusives and cast interviews.


In addition to a huge variety of TV based podcasts, The DVMPE also produces original podcasts & videos about movies, comic books, gaming, comedy, religion and more.



Undis(C)overed the new David Vox Mullen EP - Producer/Singer/Songrwiter


The Slipstream - Singer/Songwriter/Producer


ClearNews - (ClearKit Promo Video) - Original Music


Creatures of the Night - Brookfield Zoo TV Commercial - Original Music


Life Is The Blues (Indie Film) - Original Music


Point Of No Return (Ben Marshall Band EP) - Producer



The David Vox Mullen Show - Producer/Host


Push The Button - Producer/Host


Podcast Of Interest - Producer/Host


The Gotham Podcast - Producer/Host


The New Who Podcast - Producer/Host


The Sherlock Podcast - Producer/Host


The Walking Dead Podcast - Producer/Host




David Vox Mullen is an amazing voice talent. His celebrity impressions and original characters are incredible and can be seen on Vine and Instagram.


Accents include: Western American, Jamaican, Midwest American, Middle Eastern, Irish, Scottish, English, Russian, Southern American, German, Asian, West Indian, Spanish, French, Italian & Eastern American.


View David's show-reels for a demonstration of his voice work.

"The Man of Many Talents"

David Vox Mullen

David Vox Mullen was born on the Southside of Chicago into a very musical and  funny family. His mother was an accomplished vocalist/guitarist and his father was a drummer. David credits his family with pushing him to express himself through music and  performance.


By his 21st birthday, he had already written, produced, and performed in various musicals, plays and formed the rock band "The Slipstream".


After a decade of touring with the band, Vox has since returned to his comedic acting roots and has been regularly performing Improv Comedy in Chicagoland.

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